Trends in Fabric Printing

The world of fashion and apparel is changing. As new technologies allow it to be possible to print on a wider range of fabrics, and newer fabrics with more innovative properties push the limits of what these technologies can handle, designers are becoming more creative. Custom fabric printing for a single garment, or for a certain collection, is gaining in popularity.

The development, growth and installation of high output digital printing equipment is having an impact on increasing long-run and customized production, bringing more garment printing back to meet immediate turn-around demands for customers.

One of many biggest trends we’re seeing could be the customization and personalization of various kinds of fabric with digitally printed graphics. These are typically short-runs involving unique designs that cater to a person’s individual style.

One of many biggest trends fueling innovation in this space could be the addition of short-run digital heat-transfer printing. In fact, some are calling it a revolution in digital color printing. Traditional transfer methods of silk screening and screen printing are, for probably the most part, large, loud and messy. What’s more, these processes are only efficient for printing large quantities of garments. More and more printers are supplementing the traditional processes with digital printers that deliver short runs of vibrant, on-demand color images. Even within the heat-transfer market, paper companies and printer manufacturers alike will work together to make this technology better and more available to consumers.

The biggest explosion in the garment industry is the very short run, customized merchandise. The customer has a design that they want a small quantity and the response be rapid. Direct to garment, sublimation and rapid response direct printing are the most effective ways to answer this market.

Another trend is the fact that web-to-print technology is starting to expand to fabric printing, driven by the push toward customization. We find a lot of popularity in personalization of garments and textiles.

Digital printing is pushing into far more markets — and textile printing is the next evolution of the transformation of the industry.

Currently you are able to order custom fabric printing on You can make print fabric pattern special with your design. You can create the fabric with the specific design even only for 1 meter length. With fabric that design can be customized, you are free to make fashion product (shirt, jacket, tie, etc) up to accessories (pillow, pouch, canvas, tote bag, goodie bag, gordyn, tablecloth, etc)

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