Top Wireless Headphones And Speakers Brand Review

JBL Flip 3 is a third generation model which is having a better battery life, streamlined and a splash-proof design and comes at an affordable price. It has better bass as well as water resistance and it’s among the best $100 convenient Bluetooth speakers available.


  • Performance
  • Software and set up
  • Battery life

Bluetooth devices are good when they are paired, but with flip 3 the sound is excellent as it has a perfect volume for its size and good bass. The original flip has 2×4 watts of sound. The brand tends to get an extra of 8-watt boost which makes it a great brand for you.

This is a speaker which does not have any difficulties when pairing with Android devices and IOS. The wireless range is good as it can up to 50ft from available Bluetooth devices. JBL’s software connects provides a partial functionality for one speaker. You might decide to use it to update your firmware, although the software does not provide EQ or other tools which are found on the app which powers the UE’s role.

JBL Flip 3 can give 10hrs of playback when fully charged which is an outstanding feature among the Bluetooth speakers. However, after ten hours of listening with a moderate volume, you will notice that half of the battery remains according to the indicator lights on the speaker.


  • JBL Flip 3 is a portable speaker which is well designed and splash proof and can be used either vertically or horizontally.
  • Good size with loud sound and bass
  • Improved battery life


  • There are some sound distortions when the volume is very high.

Bottom line

If you are searching for a cheap portable Bluetooth speaker, JBL flip 3 should be on the top of your list. With a perfect bass and excellent volume, the speakers provide quality sound. With extra water resistance, a quality battery, and a perfect speakerphone, you are guaranteed that the speaker is a top performer.

JBL Everest 700 review

Bluetooth headphones are popular these days which has led to high competition in the form of features. Most of Bluetooth headphones come in low quality which cannot compete with the wired headphones. But with JBL Everest 700 it is manufactured in such a way that it would break the cans. The headphone comes in two colors that are white and black.


  • App control
  • Nose canceling

The JBL headphones app free via iTunes and Google permits you to change the audio experience. The interface is well designed and clean which has made the headphones to be top performing since usefulness and simplicity is not a priority for most manufacturers. You can use the app to tailor the treble or bass.

Noise canceling is another great feature associated with JBL Everest 700. The top wireless headphones and speakers brand have four noise-canceling modes which are; off, ambient high, ambient low and on. Through mixing little signal from the microphones, Ambient Aware modes permits two levels of outside sound which can be heard.


  • Easy Bluetooth connection
  • Useful apps let you tailor features and audio
  • Clear, dynamic sound


  • The average noise cancellation, which is not on par with other competitors.

Bottom line

The JBL Everest elite 700 headphones are among the top headphones you can ever find. The headphones are comfortable, have a great sound and its app bring various fascinating things to like.


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