Survival Kit For A Week-Long Festival And Party

It is one thing to celebrate a festival for a day, but it’s an entirely different story when the event will run for a week. The kind of preparation you make would have to be extensive, taking into consideration many things, including the season. There are essentials for the spring, summer, and fall.

For a worry-free week-long or weekend festival, you must pack the following:

Your trusty camping equipment  

Weekend festivals often mean camping where the event is taking place, unless otherwise specified. Although you can always rent a room nearby, there is something quite exciting when you’re one with the crowd and part of the scene. Besides, you wouldn’t want to miss some of the event highlights, whether it’s part of the program or not, so camping equipment is a must-have for an entire week of partying.

A pair of light up shoes or two

Come on, it’s a party! Any event can use some blinking, colorful lights to add flare and color, so you should bring your LED shoes with you. They would definitely look great with the dancing, light shows, and partying. They can also double as your flashlight at night, not that the venue would become completely dark. But hey, when a power outage does happen, you are well-prepared. Moreover, if the event involves lots of walking and standing, wearing a comfortable pair of light up shoes would save you from aching feet and legs the end of the day.


Other essentials you must bring are toilet roll, solar charger, ear plugs, and clothes for layering, in case the temperature drops at night.  

Sunnies of different kinds

Wardrobe change are important in such events, so why stick to just a single pair of glasses? Bring several that you can use for every day of the event, or switch to the love specs, if you have any. Don’t forget to bring one or two diffraction glasses, as they can be your ticket to meeting and making new friends. There’s always someone who forgot to bring their own. Offer one of your extras and voila! You make a new friend at the festival.

Lots of sunscreen

If it’s a summer festival, you definitely need sunscreen. Lots of it. No doubt, you will be under the sun for every day of the event. While it’s great to get a tan, you should slap on lots of protection afterwards, to limit the amount of damage the sun can do to your skin. These days, soaking up under the sun gives you more than just vitamin D and sunburn. Too much of it can also result in skin cancer. Better not risk it.


A week’s supply of coconut water

If you know you’ll be drinking a lot, to the point that you’ll be crawling back to your tent, you should bring lots of coconut water, which is said to be the best cure for a hangover. With a potassium content higher than that of a banana, coconut water will save you from a pounding headache the next morning. So there’s really no need to skip the next day of drinking and partying when you have plenty of this amazing elixir.

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