Jewelry Display Cases: Do-It-Yourself Vs Buying One

Whether you own a jewelry shop or you just simply love showing off your priceless pieces, there is no doubt that having great jewelry display cases can help to promote the overall aesthetic feel of the item itself. While many people opt to purchase their jewelry display cases, some are finding it easier to simply build their own. Which one is more suited for you?

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  • You get to decide how your jewelry display cases will turn out

There is just something in the flexibility of being able to build your own display cases that is attractive to some people. Why opt to buy pre-made ones when you can decide for yourself how you want yours to end up looking?

  • It’s a whole lot of fun

If you’re someone who loves woodwork or who loves building things, then taking on a project such as this will give you a challenge. IT can be a lot of fun as long as you know what it takes to build a display case and have the necessary know how to do it.


  • It can be time consuming

For people who have no experience building jewelry display cases, taking up the challenge to have one made on your own can be a difficult challenge. Also, there’s the risk of it not turning out the way you want it to be simply because you have a lack of knowledge in this area.

  • Costly

Depending on how you want your jewelry display cases to look like, you may end up with a bill running close to hundreds if not thousands of dollars. There’s also the risk of scraping due to the jewelry display cases not looking the way you want them to be in the end.

Buying your own cases


  • Have a great selection to choose from

Jewelry display cases are easily found in most shops that sell displays and you can have a great selection to choose from depending on the stock that the store carries. You could also perform a search online.

  • Doesn’t require technical know how

The best thing about buying your own jewelry display cases is that you don’t have to have the knowledge to build one though knowing what type of case will work for your jewelry is vital as well.


  • They can be expensive

Shops that sell jewelry display cases are often mark them up so you might be looking at thousands of dollars to spend depending on the type and outlook of the case.

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