How To Look Classic And Chic At Your Friend’s Wedding

The wedding season is here, and all you can think about is that one wedding which you had been waiting for since forever. Perfect to unleash the inner crazy, a friend’s wedding often becomes a platform for all experimentation and carving fun memories that last a lifetime.  Apart from all the fun, you’ll have, this is a time of excitement and nervousness, ironically more than the bride and groom, for any fashion-holic who just wants to dress-to-impress. Be it a bhangra wedding or a sophisticated, subtle gathering with your loved ones; luckily we have some tips for you that will help set you apart from the crowd and turn you into a massive trendsetter from whom nobody can keep their eyes away.

Let your Clothes do the Talking

The rule of thumb for any fashion guru is that they let their choice of wardrobe speak for itself. As Vivienne Westwood, a top-notch British designer quotes, “Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing, and like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” So if you want to make a high-end style statement, make sure you are updated with all the latest fashion updates and trends floating about the industry. From uppers to dapper looking suits to sharply cut dresses to original leather shoes, stock up on everything because you are going to need it!

Some ground rules to know before you make your final reveal is to take into account the religious nature of the event.  If it’s an event tilting to a religious orientation, a small sweater or a lady-like full sleeves dress is better than one with no sleeves at all. Number second: Yes, though you want to stand out of the crowd, be mindful of the fact that it’s the bride and grooms day and unfortunately enough if you are even slightly stealing their thunder, they can kick you out! Rule number three: according to a blog post published on the knot by Amanda Elser, “it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed!”

Wedding styles for Her

It is no joke that choosing a wedding outfit is a much more nerve wrecking experience for women than it is for men. Whether you want to try on a dress, a sassy suit adorned with the perfect Louboutin high heeled sandals or a contemporary ethnic sari, the choices are innumerable, and all you want to do is pick out the best one.

Most weddings mostly take place in the winter season, and that ladies is the perfect excuse for you to wear the most colorful and festive dress you own. Look for darker colored fabrics such as royal blue, deep maroon or emerald green and pair them up with subtle sequins finished off with a contrasting pair of sleek looking shoes. As Marilyn Monroe said, ”give a girl the right shoes, and she’ll conquer the world.”

The pair of shoes you choose lifts your overall attire so make sure, if you aren’t in the middle of a bad snow storm, you have the sexiest looking pair of stiletto heels to make an appearance worth remembering. Stay clear of boots or flats as they will deemphasize your dress and make you seem a little more casual than you intended to be. If you’re facing unbearable freezing weather, you can pair your dress up with a short and trendy zipper jacket to make you last till refreshments are served inside!

An ethnic touch always hits close to home. Imagine being invited to your Indian friends’ big day, and you are utterly clueless as to how to even begin your shopping spree. If it’s a summer wedding, look for a sari flaunting beautiful pastels such aqua, teal or a calming pistachio green, the top trending color palette of the year twenty eighteen according to a blog post by Mila Jones.

The trick with a sari is you can drape it in any manner to set yourself apart from the crowd. With a sparkly blouse with sequins all over, buy a plain sari draped at the front with its plates falling luxuriously over your body, you will have an attire that’s different and unique and will attract all eyes on you, of course, after the bride!

Wedding Styles for him

While women continue to take over the fashion world, men are not any far in the race of fashion stardom. Just as any lady would want to flawlessly flaunt her sense of style, men also like to stay on top of their game by pulling off a sharp and sleek look that will make jaws drop! While the options for men may seem slightly limited and stagnant with a suit and tie, there are a bunch of ways to experiment. Whether it’s a winter wedding or a summer fiesta, a good looking suit is one of your best bets. Take a moment to look for the most dapper looking blazer that will highlight your best features in just the right way.

A double-breasted blazer and trousers with an explosive checkered print are quite the style statement these days. If you are invited to a winter wedding make sure to wear darker colors to keep you warm like tones of charcoal gray, ash gray or electrifying blue. Pair these up with a plain slim fit dress shirt, and you are good to go. But wait, while you sport a look so effortlessly daunting, do not at all compromise on your choice of footwear. An impeccable choice would be to strap on a pair of stylishly unique pair of odhpur boots mens number one pick. These add a contemporary touch to your overall attire making for a striking and memorable appearance.

You can also take the same look and turn it into a fall attire by replacing the blazer with a belted vest. Throw on a bold contrasting tie either in green, lilac or striking mustard. Keep a few of these points in mind, and you will surely not feel shy of taking out the wedding album in a few years time.

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