Deciding on the Perfect Bridal Underwear

We usually describe brides with a lot of positive adjectives like radiant, blushing, glowing and excited. And naturally, we think that the special occasion is what caused the bride to look absolutely fantastic, the makeup she wears and the exhilaration while walking to the altar. But, there is one more hidden factor that influences the behavior of every bride and her beauty, it is bridal underwear.

Bridal underwear is as much as important as what the bride is wearing on the gown. Every woman should feel desirable on that special day, and that feeling should come from the inside out. Wedding lingerie is supposed to be sexy for the bride to feel sexy. And the bride should feel comfortable and desirable. This is where the right bridal underwear comes into play.

Many brides think about the choices they are going to make when it comes to clothes for that special day. Some think it’s best to go for support and forget about the comfort, while others are choosing what they love the most, no matter how impractical it may be. If you are thinking what to wear on this special day yourself, here are a couple of pointers you could use.


To properly accentuate your curves, you have to use a corset. Your man will be stunned and speechless when he sees you in a corset on your wedding night. In order to get the best looking corset for your body, you need to be measured properly so your corset will fit you perfectly. Most brides choose white corset that is laced up but you can choose additional patterns, feather trims, cut out panels or anything else that suits your style. Make sure it fits you and your general appearance.

Stockings and Suspenders

These can be quite impractical, but men don’t care much about that. So if you want to feel sexy and desirable, add stockings and suspenders to your bridal underwear list. Make sure you choose silk and choose a minimal style. White or black colors are most popular choices, and most effective choices, but you can choose whatever fits your taste better.

French Lingerie

Go for French lingerie if you really want to drive your husband crazy. You get to use a lot of hot, saucy thing here. Babydoll slips, knickers that are tied at each side, Basques in pastel colors, and sheer half cup bras is what you can have on your wedding night. You will definitely remember your wedding night by choosing to wear some of these, and your husband will be positively surprised, to say at least.


There are always some extras you can use with your bridal underwear. Garters are the most obvious choice, while nipple pasties are a very popular option as well. Play suit may be a good idea as it will fire things up and make you feel desirable and naughty. When choosing accessories, make sure they match your other underwear items. You don’t want to wear too many things as you may feel uncomfortable. After all, you will spend the entire day dressed in your underwear and you have to think about comfort as well as the looks.

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