Crystal Gift For All Occasions

Birthday crystal gifts are so unique that only few items comes close to it in term of popularity. The unique thing about crystal gifts lies in its ability to fit into any kind of occasion or celebration, it is just one item that exudes admiration from whoever it is presented to as a gift.

In fact, when it comes to versatility, birthday crystal gift has no match. This is because it epitomizes class, aura and beauty; this is something just a few number of items can match. So when buying a birthday crystal gift for a loved one, there are many options to consider. It is either you buy a crystal gift that can be used by the recipient on daily basiss or you buy a crystal gift that will serve as a decor to the recipient home, car or office.

Note that, the crystal gifts you can buy that the recipient can use daily include: stemware which can be used for serving wine, champagne etc, or a crystal serving bowl which can be used during dinners and other important events. With these sort of crystal gifts on a table, it won’t just ooze class, but also elegance.

Meanwhile the crystal gifts that you can buy that will serve as decor to a recipient include the following: a crystal photo frame, a crystal flower vase, a crystal lamp base etc. Any of these crystal gifts can add a whole lot of enhancement to the beauty of a home.

Choosing Crystals Based On Your Birth Date

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You can also determine the ideal nature or color of a crystal item to gift to someone by doing a simple arithmetic using the recipient date of birth numerals. Example: someone born on December 25, 1944:

Add up the following:

12 + 9 + 1944 = 1965

Then add up the 1965

1 + 9 + 6 + 5 = 21

And finally: add the 2 and 1 together to reduce to a single digit

2 + 1 = 3

The single digit answer you get at the end of the whole calculation will determine the color of the crystal item you will buy for the person.

  1. RED: Represents passion. Examples are ruby, garnet, and red jasper.
  2. ORANGE: Represents relationship. Examples are citrine, carnelian, and orange sapphire.
  3. YELLOW: Represents joy. Examples are yellow beryl and topaz.
  4. GREEN: Represents accomplishment. Examples are emerald, peridot, and tourmaline.
  5. BLUE: Represents aid in goal-setting. Examples are lapis lazuli, sapphire, and blue tourmaline.
  6. INDIGO: Represents caring for others. Examples are sodalite and iolite.
  7. VIOLET: Represents higher consciousness. Examples are amethyst, garnet, and purple ruby.
  8. PINK: Represents energizing. Examples are rubellite tourmaline, rose beryl, and rose quartz.
  9. CLEAR: Represents ultimately successful. Examples are clear quartz and diamond.
  10. SILVER: Represents peaceful and gentle. Example include Hematite.
  11. GOLD: Represents no limits. Examples are pyrite, pyrite-sun, and tiger’s-eye.

In conclusion, birthday crystal gifts are no doubt valuable items that when you gift to someone can last for many generations if it is well taken care of,

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