Consumers Turning To The Web To Source Bedding and Towels

In order to ensure their properties look their best, consumers often pay keen attention to details like towels and bedding. When people are savvy in their selections, they can boost the look and feel of rooms and add a touch of quality and luxury to their abodes.

Increasingly, individuals are looking to the internet when they want to get their hands on these products. Cyberspace can represent a convenient means of purchasing the items and there is plenty of choice available.

Breaking UK Records

Highlighting the popularity of the web among Britons, Visa Europe recently predicted that the third of this month would be the busiest in UK history in terms of online shopping. It suggested that over the course of the 24-hour period, around £320 million would be spent on its cards alone. The firm also anticipated transactions topping 6.8 million, representing a rise of more than a fifth compared with the same day in 2011.Because of the high volume of e commerce traffic expected, Visa Europe dubbed the occasion Mega Monday.

A Range of Devices

As well as being able to peruse the products on offer at a time and place that suits them, web shoppers now have a number of different devices to turn to.Visa Europe pointed out that consumers are utilizing computers, tablets and smartphones to make purchases on the internet.

A Significant Proportion

Commenting on the issue, commercial director at Visa Europe Dr Steve Perry said: “On Mega Monday, people across the UK will go online and use their Visa cards to make 6.8 million transactions, the most in a single day in UK history.“That’s 21 per cent more than in 2011, signalling that consumers are becoming increasingly accustomed to the advantages of shopping online for everyday purchases and special items, especially in the lead-up to Christmas. Online shopping now accounts for a significant proportion of all retail spend.”

Rising Confidence

He went on to suggest that rising confidence among consumers concerning the security of transactions may be playing a role in the burgeoning e commerce sector.About this, he stated that the increasing popularity of online shopping “reflects the confidence that shoppers feel about the security of using their Visa cards for online transactions”.

Avoiding The Festive Rush

At this time of year, consumers may have a particularly strong preference to shop via cyberspace rather than heading out to the high street. After all, towns and shopping cent res are hectic at this point in the calendar as people stock up on gifts, decorations, food, drink and other items for the festive season.Also, heading out on shopping trips during the winter months can be a cold and miserable experience, so it is no surprise that many individuals opt to buy towels and bedding over the web from the comfort of the indoors.

Plenty of Choice

As long as consumers know where to look, they can benefit from an impressive range of products and they should find it straight forward to find items that complement the decor within their properties.

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