Camera Lens Coffee Mug? A Great Gift For Camera Lovers

“Pictures speak better than words” and for few people capturing pictures is their strength. They want to capture each and every beautiful moments of life. Whatever is appealing and aesthetic in their view, they seize them. They hold up their cameras and capture moments in such a way that it looks so serene. One can’t simply go and click a picture and call themselves photographers, photography is an art.

Once you look at a picture it will always refresh your memories associated to it. Photographers click pictures in order to show other people their way of viewing things. A lot of hidden messages might be there in an image than you actually think.


Photographers always carry their tool along with them so that they would not miss out on anything and always grab an opportunity to use the camera. Photography is not only clicking still pictures but also a whole series of action of an incident.

Camera lens coffee mug – A unique gift

For camera lovers like that we have a great unique and lovable gift – the camera lens coffee mug. Photographers strive to capture moments as it is or naturally without a redo or an artificial enactment; for that reason they may take a picture without informing the person of whom the photo is being clicked. In this process they might miss the moment that they wanted to capture. A coffee mug with a hidden camera fixed inside it can solve the problem.

A camera lens coffee mug is very much accessible and portable. It can be easily carried since it is very light weight. It is a very worthy tool, with qualities same as a professional camera. It can be used very efficiently, and get wonderful results. You can fix it in whatever angle and place and people will not be conscious about the fact that they are being spied or recorded. Clumsy attempts to get your huge concrete camera to click a picture or set it in video mode can be avoided through this secret camera in disguise.

Operating Instructions:

  • Wash the mugs with your hands at all times in order to keep the colorful detailing intact. They are delicate in nature.
  • These coffee mugs with camera lenses are not microwave safe.

Features of this cool device

It has a SD card that supports up to 32 GB memory, therefore, allowing wide storage. Every time you charge it, its battery will last for about 30 hours. It has the capacity to record 1280 x 960 Resolution HD Video. You need not worry about how to start recording an incident, it will start recording at just one touch kamagra india. You just need to click for it to start recording

Word of Caution – Cheap stuff need not always be the best

The following are the perils of choosing unbranded local stuff in contrast to branded options offering standard designs and functions at a price higher than the substandard models:

  • The local items are fitted with caps which don’t fasten tight making seepage of coffee a frequent inconvenience.
  • Hot Coffee will be served cold with the insulation material used in the cheap brands not conforming to standards of performance and effective duration time.
  • Choosing between acquiring a disposable item as against a quality item, cheap versions are the most preferred.

The accompanying coffee mug along with the photographer’s delight – his camera lens, is indeed a novel idea, a perfect teaming with the rest of professional camera accessories. A camera lens coffee mug is a great gift to people who need to carry cameras everywhere along with their passion of photography.

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