Bridesmaid Dresses That Flatters All Body Type

Choosing the bridesmaid dresses that complement your body type is tricky. But it is necessary to look beautiful at the wedding.

I know that bridesmaids are supposed to look uniformed and beautiful. However, it is little too unrealistic to squeeze all types of body shape in one single type of dress. When a bride goes for shopping her bridesmaid dresses we always suggest them to have realistic expectation from the boutiques and from their bridesmaids. Even if they don’t wear the same style it won’t ruin the look of the wedding at all.


It is the season of mismatched bridesmaid dresses. Now women are opting for different styles of dresses or even different shades of on single color. So, when you are choosing the bridesmaid dresses for all your beautiful friends, it is better to give them the freedom of choosing the ones that they find flattering of their body type.

Different type of body needs different types of accentuation or hiding. It is the simple trick that can make a dress stunning. You just need to master the art of dressing your body type.

Straight Body Type

How to know that you have a straight body shape? The best way to decide that is to compare the body type with the celebrity who has same structure. If you find that your chest, waist and hip are all in same proportion you can easily say that your built is straight.

Having a straight body type you should invest in a dress that accentuates your waistline or your curve a little bit. For a well defined waistline you can opt for an empire waist line. It will provide you with a defined curve. If you are thinking about some accessories with your dress that will make you stand apart from the crowd you, add a little bling with a belt in your dress.

Apple Body Type

Are you bustier than others? Are your rib cage and waist wider than your hip? Do you find resemblance with Kim Kardashian or Oprah Winfrey? If yes, you have apple shaped figure. In such a case you should opt for an illusion. Opt for a wrap dress that can help you highlight your asset, your waist and hide your flaws as well.

The best thing about apple shaped body is the curve of the upper half. Opt for plunging neckline of your chiffon bridesmaid dress if you are comfortable enough with the skin show. If you are not really comfortable, opt for lace and sheer numbers. They will give the illusion of slimmer upper body. Avoid dresses with closed neckline as they will make you look bulkier.

Pear Shaped Figure

If you find your shoulders to be slender and your hips wider, if you feel bootylicious song Beyonce was meant for you, here is the answer girl. You have a pear shaped body. In such a case try to find the silhouette that will flatter your problem area, your butt. Accent the curve of waist and reveal a little hint of cleavage. You can also try to shift focus with backless or sheer back number. The more you will shift focus from your heavy bottom, the more this look will work.

Hour Glass Figure

Do you know that girls are dying to get a body like you? Remember how your peers used to go crazy when you attended prom in long prom dresses? Hourglass figures are the best for any dresses. If you are blessed like Kate Winslet or Scarlett Johanson with an hour glass figure you can nearly try any dresses. From v neckline to sweetheart, from halter neck to one shoulder, everything will look classy on you.

As mix and match is the trend of the season you can use this trick in your bridesmaid dresses as well. Choose a particular color, ask your bridesmaid to pick a dress in the style that they prefer. More than anything as they are supposed to look good, it is important to give them the freedom that complements their body.

Author’s Bio Jane Brown is a renowned fashion columnist in various fashion blogs. She has contributed in designing short and long prom dresses. You will know how to sport chiffon bridesmaid dresses elegantly in her articles.

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