7 Birthday Gifts A Toddler Will Love

Buying a birthday present for a toddler is no easy task. This is the age when kids learn many things for the first time – like balancing himself, hand and eye coordination, fine motor skills etc. At the same time, they also develop a strong sense of independence and opinion. They get distracted easily. Hence, their presents need to be interesting enough to make them fall for it https://mannapotheke.de/kamagra-oral-jelly/. Also, since toddlers tend to be destructive many-a-times, you may want to invest in a sturdy functional toy, which will not only contribute to his learning but also will last long.

Birthday Gifts A Toddler Will Love

There are many good stores available in Bangalore who stocks a variety of toys and other kid’s stuff for all budgets. Sapphire Toys in Koramangala and Hamleys in Mahadevapura are the renowned ones specializing mostly in the high-end stuff. However, there are other smaller outlets in Commercial Street, Indira Nagar, Majestic, and Jayanagar, as well as in most of the malls where you can find all possible varieties of toys. Also, how can one forget the famous colorful wooden toys from Channapatna? You can easily find them at Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium, MG Road; Varnam Store in Indiranagar Double Road and Aatike, Banashankari Stage II.

There is no doubt that a toddler would love to get a toy. However, all toys are not advisable at this tender age since they can cause toxicity and choking hazards. Also, there are other stuffs a child may appreciate. Here we have presented our top seven birthday presents for a toddler which will make him grab it instantly. Plus, they will look great on his photos clicked by a professional birthday photographer.

Doll sets: Cute doll sets can brighten the day of any child. Most importantly, the tiny shoes, combs, interchangeable dresses etc call for a lot of buttoning, brushing, tying, zipping and buckling, thus help in the development of fine motor skills.

Building blocks: Building blocks had been a part of our lives too when we were kids. The task of staking sharpens a child’s eye-hand coordination. You can double the learning by gifting him alphabet blocks.

Balls: Toddlers love to run and thus learn how to balance their bodies. A colorful ball can aid in this. Throw and catch games are a kids’ favorite, which develops a child’s intuition.

Rolling toys: Movements, lights, and sounds fascinate kids. Hence, trains, buses, trucks etc. in sturdy plastic, with light and sound, is a good gift. You can buy whistling trains with simple tracks. The kid will love it.

Tricycle / balance bikes: A tricycle can teach a child to effectively utilize his feet. However, don’t expect him to start pedaling right away since he is still struggling to balance on his feet. Rather, let him sit on the tricycle while his parents push it. This way, he will learn to balance his upper body.

Finger paints: Want to bring out the little artist in a toddler? Gift him a box of non-toxic finger paints. You can keep him occupied for hours.

Cut-out books and board books: Children at this age tend to pick up new words. Hence, reading becomes a must for them to improve their vocabulary. Colorful story books with cut-outs and flips are an interesting gift. Sturdy board books are also good since they may survive the wrath of a destructive kid.

Hope the above list has resolved you worry regarding buying a toddler’s gift. However, you need to keep in mind a lot of things before making the purchase. Since your gift needs to attract the little tot, buy a colorful one; otherwise he might not use it at all. Also, make sure that your gift should not scare away the toddler. Hence, stay away ferocious animal figurines and clowns. Finally, once the little one opens the present, ask the kids photographer to capture the joy on his face. You’ll cherish the moment forever.

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