5 Uses For Baby Furniture After Your Baby Grows Up

Babies can outgrow their furniture in no time. One minute you’re buying baby equipment and the next minute, they are college-bound. There are different ways to discard baby furniture apart from leaving them in your basement or garage. Some people donate them to charity while others sell them online or offline. Here are some of the ways to repurpose baby furniture and get the most out of each piece.  

  • Toddler bed

It’s common for parents to convert cribs into toddler beds. Your children can use them during their first few years. Certain manufacturers now design cribs that a child can use up to their early teens. Nevertheless, ditch the idea and look for a viable option if the cost of the project is close to buying a toddler bed. In case you’re reusing a crib for another baby, check whether they still meet safety standards.

  • Rack

Racks are useful for keeping different rooms clutter-free. One of the sides of your crib rail should be enough for each room. They are ready for use once you fix them to the wall and add hooks. Your children can take advantage of the rail for holding their playthings. It can be used in garages to hold tools or serve as a magazine rack in your home.

  • Kitchen island

A dresser can be used in several ways. For instance, try converting yours into a kitchen island. They usually come in handy for placing small appliances such as microwaves and toasters. Make sure that you sand and prime the dresser before painting if you don’t want a rustic look. Paint the dresser with a bold color so that it can stand out in your kitchen.

Another baby furniture that can be repurposed into a kitchen island is a changing table. Add shelves below them to create more storage space for your tableware. You can also use your changing table as a play workshop or TV hub in your kids’ bedroom.

  • Beverage Cart

Beverages are a must for every party and they are even delightful when served chilled during the hot season. Your changing table can function as a beverage cart whether you’re hosting an indoor or outdoor party in your home. Install wheels on them to facilitate mobility.

  • Rocking chair

Gliders often come in handy for nursing babies. You may be forced to store it in a safe place as soon as your baby starts crawling all over your home. Many parents invest in fitting slipcovers or reupholster rocking chairs. Choose fabrics that blend seamlessly with your personal style and home décor.  The rocking chair can be placed in your living room or outdoor.

It goes without saying that most parents keep their baby furniture because of sentimental reasons. Taking this approach is an effective way to design an eco-friendly home and save extra costs on furniture. The bottom line is to choose the ones that can stand the test of time and serve different purposes.

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