5 Awesome Candy Buffet Ideas

Candy buffet is one of the most adorable and lovable party ideas that have become popular today especially in celebrations such as weddings, birthday parties, baby showers and even random entertainment. Candy buffets are not difficult to make because they only require one to gather the necessary provisions i.e. colored ribbon, tongs, a matching table cloth, several glass jars and name labels. These supplies can easily be found in local and online candy stores. Here are 5 awesome candy buffet ideas that you can use for your next candy buffet.

Candy Buffet

1. Use Colors Of The Rainbow

Using different colors of candy, ribbons and even table cloths for your candy buffet will make it stand out. This is because the different colors brighten up the mood of the party. You can chose various colored candies and place them in different jars then arrange them artistically on top of your table. Remember that you can use any type of table cloth you desire as long as it matches with the colors of your candies.

2. Use Pink and Green Candies Along With Floral Arrangements.

Using pink and green candies together with incredible plant and floral arrangements will help you make a statement because the colors complement each other perfectly. Adding floral arrangements to your candy arrangement is vital because it lights up the table. When choosing your different assortment of candy, include rock candy, candy buttons, sixlets and also lollipops.

3. Use Blue and Pink Cotton Candy.

Using blue and pink cotton candy creates a wonderful color scheme which I can recommend for baby showers. Many candy stores already have a large arrangement of “It’s A Boy” and “It’s A Girl” candy appropriately colored.

4. Include A Bit of Vintage Style.

Many weddings like to go for that vintage look and feel. You can achieve the vintage wedding candy buffet style by using black, white and a bit of yellow in making your candy buffet. These colors have a vintage style and should be considered by anyone looking for new ways to set up their candy buffets as it is vital to create the look and feel you desire. While setting up your candy buffet using the vintage style, ensure you include vanilla cup cakes, white chocolate bars, white almonds and also vanilla meringues. Just be sure not to get any candy on your wedding dress.

5. Use Berry Blue Color Scheme.

Using a variety of berry blue candy is preferred because it gives your buffet table a picturesque look. When setting up this type of candy buffet, ensure you use a berry blue cake as the center piece, tall berry blue goblets and tasty looking donuts with berry blue sprinkles and you will have a perfect looking candy buffet.

Anyone who is looking for ideas for their next candy buffet should pick out their most desired candy buffet option from the ideas that we have outlined above and have the best candy buffet experience. Step up your normal candy buffets by incorporating the diverse color schemes that we have mentioned for you in this article. Use the above mentioned ideas to spice up your baby shower celebration, wedding and even other celebrations you desire to host.

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