Learn The Basics Of Dressing Up If You Are Plus Size

Although it all is a personal choice, that you gota do what you gota do. And you may not care about the tricks and techniques to look slimmer. If you are comfortable and contended in your skin nothing like it. But there is no harm in appearing prim and proper. It may not take a lot rather wise decisions during a shopping trip will suffice.

Following are some tips and tricks which can help you in accentuating the best parts of your body and conceal the ones which are out of proportion.

To Wear Or Not To Wear

Here are some basics of what should you put your hands on and what should be prohibited.

Colors: It is quite a common sense that darker colors tend to conceal and mask while the light colors emphasize. So the trick goes like, you place the darker colors which you want to cover up while the lighter colors go where you want to draw attention to.

Patterns: Focus more on smaller patterns and avoid opting for bigger ones. As bigger patterns make you look bigger while smaller figures may give you a smaller appearance. Avoid wearing huge flowers on your skirt or the area that covers your bust. A plus size mother of the bride dresses should also be selected keeping these tips and techniques in mind.

Stripes: You may exercise caution in placing horizontal stripes as they tend to widen the appearance of that particular area. By and large stripes are considered okay for a plus size body if they are vertical or diagonal.

Ruffles: Ruffles should be avoided at a place you want to look slimmer. Whereas, if you want your bust to look enhanced it is quite a smarter trick to place them on the chest. However, it will certainly look odd on a woman who is busty already.

Hues: Select a color that flatters your skin tone because if you do not select the colors wisely, some of them may make you look flushed or washed out. Not necessarily the mother of the bride dresses should follow the tradition of wearing the lighter hues of beige, creams and light browns, in fact she should be free to choose which she thinks flatters her skin and boosts her confidence.


Undergarments are the foundation of your persona. No matter how an expensive dress you adorn but if you are wearing  a flimsy underwear that is not sufficient for you or a wobbly bra that does not support your body well, you are bound to look disproportionate.

Bra: Most of the women in the entire world are not aware of their right sizes. Get a bra that fits well and gives a firm support to the bust.

Panties: To give your bottom some shape, wear a panty that covers till your thighs and is high waisted to keep your waist line narrow.

Coverage: Be mindful of getting something which provides ample coverage. Just because anything is wearable does not mean that it fits well too. Same goes with the panties, anything too small and uncomfortable is not sexy, and rather it is not your size.

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