How To Transition Your Wardrobe – From Summer To Autumn

The sun is already setting on summer, but the feel of golden sand beneath your toes, the taste of freshly made cocktails and the salty smell of the sea still lingers as summer gives way to the golden hues and crisp air of Autumn.  

It may be time to pack away your flip-flops but you don’t have to pull out your snow boots just yet, make your wardrobe work for you and use key pieces to move from one season to the next. You might want to make a few new purchases to freshen up your Autumn look, invest in a new coat, and don’t stop at clothes, consider new make-up and human hair wigs to ring the changes.

Be Wise, Accessorise

Accessories can update any look – shoes, bags and human hair wigs are great investments, and if you can consider jewellery and make-up too. A well-thought out overall look will make you feel self-assured and polished so it’s worth the time and effort. You don’t have to buy everything new, you can repurpose some items in your wardrobe and purchase a few key pieces to add freshness. Here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • Bags – Don’t resign your beach bag or floral tote to the back of your wardrobe, a neutral beach bag can be used for work or shopping trips and a floral pattern can still be striking in autumn, team with a navy or beige trench to pep up your look.
  • Tights – We LOVE tights, without them you would have to put up with goose bump riddled legs as you try to stretch out wearing that cute, short summer dress for one more season. Instead, just add tights and a cardi and hey presto, you’re good to go.
  • Human Hair Wigs – Wigs have come a long way, nowadays they look more authentic than ever and come in all different shapes, lengths and colours. They are great for men and women and can instantly alter your image.
  • Bored of being blonde? Tired of your long straight locks? The good news is you don’t have to go in for a drastic cut or colour you might regret in the morning. A stylish hairpiece allows you update your look in line with the seasons, red hair looks stunning against an autumn pallet or consider a cool, sharp bob that will stand out.
  • Scarves – If you have a bright sarong you don’t have to banish it to the loft with your suitcase until next year. How about wearing it as a bright scarf / pashmina to add interest to a plain coloured coat?
  • Shoes – The humble shoe can make or break an outfit and we can spend vast swathes of time agonising on the best pair to top off an outfit. First off let’s address a very serious topic, keeping your feet sweet. You don’t have to hideaway those tootsies just yet, so don’t neglect your toe nails or that hard skin on your heels. There’s still plenty of time to don those leather sandals, wear with a sharp work-suit for a transitional look that screams of effortless chic.
  • Hats – hats aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. But if you like headwear then you can still don something on your bonce for Autumn. You might be pushed to get away with the sunhat you wore in the blazing sunshine but you can give it a try – especially if you have an oversize one. Large hats can look dramatic with big sunglasses and a black dress. Men have hat options too, think a driving cap or pork pie, hats can look rather fetching if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Colour Me In

Sticking to the fashion rules can become dull at times, and it’s important to dress for yourself, but you can always be mindful of the season.

  • Neutral colours can move seamlessly from Summer to Autumn, classic combinations include navy and white, and khaki adds a light-hearted touch to proceedings.
  • A cropped cream jacket can be just warm enough to see off the chill but still keep your transitional outfit feeling light and breezy.
  • Autumn colours are synonymous with rich hues, shades of gold, bronze and copper, warm browns and oranges. 
  • If you love pastels or rainbow brights then don’t banish those colours from your wardrobe! Incorporate them into your Autumn wardrobe.
  • Add splashes of autumnal colours for a transitional look, think a mustard yellow scarf or a burnt orange handbag.
  • We all love a little bling but we feel that sequins are best left to the winter scene. A little shine, sparkle or sheen is welcome though (who can say no to a bit of glamour?) Especially if you go for metallics in Autumn shades. Bronze and copper anyone?

Layer Me Up

Not all Summer garments pass through to Autumn easily, but some garments are prime for the layered look and believe us, when it comes to transitional wear, layering is your friend.

  • Light and floaty materials may not look or feel right as you venture into the cooler weather. That strappy, pretty vest top may look out of place with jeans and boots, no matter how much you love it.
  • Invest in roll-neck tops, long-sleeve tops, cardigans, leggings and tights. All of which can be used to lengthen the lifespan of your summer attire, taking clothing effortlessly from summer through to fall.
  • Never go for more than three layers at a time. You will not only overheat but are also in danger of giving your outfit a messy look that shouts “thrown together” and not in a fashion-forward way!
  • A denim jacket or cute blazer can take your summer dress further than you hoped. Team with tights and pixie boots for casual end-of-summer cool.

Tops and Bottoms

Shirts, jeans, jumpers, skirts, dresses, there are endless choices. Mixing and matching an outfit offers a wide range of possible looks, but it can be hard to get it right, especially midway between Summer and Autumn when the weather is changeable.

  • First off don’t cover up completely, it’s not the depths of winter. But on the same note do not expose too much. Midriff exposure is for teenagers and washboard stomachs so if you are or have neither then please put that crop top down. It’s perfectly acceptable to wear a shirt and roll up the sleeves though – Autumn can be warm and rolled up sleeves will help you to achieve that casual chic look.
  • Active wear looks good when you’re at the gym. Hiking gear looks good when you’re walking a trail. Note to self – neither look great for a day-to-day look. Back away from the thick fleece, leave it in your tent, just because it’s cold you don’t need to look like a Yeti. On a further note – lycra leggings just don’t cut it when you go for lunch.
  • Jackets don’t have to be heavy just because you’ve said goodbye to the summer sun. A denim jacket looks great with everything, from pretty dresses to tailored dresses
  • Jeans – are an all-year-round favourite of men and women alike. Trends come and go but stick to a style that flatters your shape. The good thing about a pair of jeans is that you can team them with a hip T-Shirt in the warmer months and switch for a chunky knit for Autumn and Winter. Jeans can bridge that seasonal gap – if there’s a garment for all occasions a pair of well-fitting  jeans is surely it!

Be Prepared

Transitional wear should be weather ready – ready for sun, showers, warmth and cooler temperatures.

  • Carry an umbrella. You can buy teeny-tiny foldaway brollies that can fit into the smallest bag. No need to get caught out by a pesky shower (especially if you’ve just straightened your hair)!
  • A lightweight jacket or raincoat can be folded up and carried in a bag. Lightweight cardigans are also handy – you can tie around your waist or tie loosely around your shoulders for preppy chic on the go.

Ready for Autumn? Good for you, as the leaves fall from the trees you can be safe in the knowledge that you look great in your transitional wardrobe. Style is all about confidence, don’t let fashion sway you too much, get to know what looks good on you and rock your style.

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