A Short Guide On Prom Dresses For Short Girls

Choosing the perfect prom dress is difficult enough without the added pressures of having to find something that suits your height and body type. We know the struggles of being a short girl with a million dreams and always wanting to look sleek and elegant. While you may be dreaming of a long flowing ball gown, unfortunately being under 5 foot 4 inches (as you’re then classed as a short girl!) you may have to skip this option and go for another design. We all want our prom dresses to be beautiful and full of personality, but it’s hard to find that when you’re so limited, right?

That’s why we have put together this guide on prom dresses for short girls; we want everyone to know how many wonderful options they have to choose from. After reading this, you’re sure to feel spoilt for choice.

The Length

One of the first thing we think about when purchasing is a prom dress is the length. There are different choices when it comes to length for a short girl, but we would recommend you stay away from long dresses with tons of fabric as it will overwhelm your petite figure. Short prom dresses with tightened waistbands and bubble hem are beautiful for any short girl who loves to bare her legs. For those of you who don’t want to show any leg, you can opt for a floor length dress but try to stay with something figure hugging, so it looks sleek and amazing.

Length is an essential element of the dress as it will ultimately define how you look and feel. As a short girl, you may sometimes wear outfits and feel insecure but finding a prom dress that brings out your best assets is the way to go. Be sure to radiate confidence and show everyone how beautiful you look on your prom night.

The Style

Once you have decided on the length of your dress, it’s now time to start looking at styles. Don’t worry; there are thousands to browse through. Rather than going instore and stressing out about which style you love the most, take a look online. Not only are there some great deals on clothing websites but you can then narrow down your choices quicker than going into a store.

For short girls, backless spaghetti strap dresses are perfect as they show off your petite and curvy frame. Choosing a cute and chic style like this also means you can choose amazing sparkly heels to match. Similarly, if you do opt for a longer dress, then there are backless longer dresses to choose from as well as those that have unusual patterns on. Match your prom dress to your shining personality, and you’ll love any dress you wear.

The Shoes

As a short girl, you’re sure to know that your shoes can make you look a lot taller and prom means you can dress up in heels all night long. If you want to add some height, then wearing any form of heel to match your dress is the perfect way to show off your outfit and walk into prom as though it’s a fashion catwalk. Fashionable booties are also a short girl favorite, and we love them too.

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