5 Tips I Would Have Liked To Know Before My Prom Night

We’ve entered into graduation season. With just that phrase, half of the students will be reading interested because of the enormous pressure to which they seem to be subjected today. As they prepare to graduate and begin a new phase in their lives, many will realize that two questions are repeated over and over again: What college are you going to? What are you going to study? And also, what prom dresses to use?

These questions can be overwhelming even if a decision has already been made. I understand perfectly, that’s why I felt inspired enough inspired to make a tip list by Jovani prom for all the girls about to go to prom and their young-adult phase.

Say No To Comparison And Yes To Inspiration

The success lies in perseverance and the journey, while anxiety occurs when we seek to solve everything with a single decision. Let’s think about the situation explained above, in which everyone overwhelms us with the same questions, and we get compared with our classmates, siblings or neighbors. As I started to grow up, I’ve learned that people will always try to compare us trying to put us into a box.

I want all of us to visualize an artist and a businessperson that we admire. How can the visions of the world that each has, be similar? For this example to work, after reading Maxim’s 50 Life-Changing Prom Beauty Tips You Haven’t Heard Before I hope the conclusion has been that, in general, they don’t resemble at all, which is just fine. There is no path like yours since you are making your own. However, you can get inspired by their trajectory and mark short-term goals that will lead you to a single (or several) goals in the long term.

How To Cope With The Daily Life

With that been said, I hope everyone reading this article is prepared for a bit of contradiction, because I’m going to share some daily routines that help me endure the anxiety that comes with being young and finding my way. No matter what the plan is, these routines are valid for those who are about to leave high school and go to prom night – or even a little earlier.

  1. It’s Ok If You Feel “Lost”

We should not be afraid of the feeling of having lost our way or not knowing what we want. In several moments of our life, we will think that we have everything planned and calculated, but the truth is: it’s impossible. The phrase that says: “Life is what happens while we make other plans” could not be more accurate. We must relax and try to accept that feeling by living at the moment.

For this, we can practice yoga, conscious breathing exercises, and other relaxing techniques. When I feel that I have reached a stalemate or have lost interest in something, I create “I feel-thankful -for” lists to remember and appreciate everything I have. This simple ritual helps us to concentrate every morning and to face stress and emotion with perspective. Most likely, we will be happier, and that feeling will motivate us to build our life in our own unique way.

  1. Say yes to everything (or almost everything)

We must take our time to live new experiences. If there is something “absurd” that we want to try, like practicing a new sport or choosing a risky style of prom dresses for that particular night, we must make an effort and not fear failure, is part from life.

Feeling out of our comfort zone is temporary, and that is the exact moment when we learn more about ourselves. We must always look for that feeling because it becomes harder to find as we grow.

Since you’re probably close to that special date (prom), here are some fashion tips:

  • Deep neckline: The loose dress with deep neckline is a classic of the daytime parties. It can be very sexy and elegant combined with platforms.
  • Guipure or lace: These are very romantic fabrics. A dress of lace or guipure can be sexy, subtle and at the same time ravishing.
  • Shirt dress: the typical shirt dress doesn’t want to be left behind. Smooth, vibrant color and combined with a belt, this model can give the note in any day party.

One of the coolest designer brands I’ve found has helped me in those crucial events in my young adult life is JVN by Jovani. This fashion house has models from prom dresses to die for and many other occasions.

  1. Discover the things you’re interested in

When choosing a specialty at college, you’ll receive lots of advice. Yes, the goal of college is to develop skills and possibilities in the labor market. We must choose something that adds value to other people in a sector that we can tolerate or maybe even enjoy. An arduous task.

I advise to investigate the central professional tendencies in the world and, after deciding the way, to try to find a system to integrate your own interests. The best way to identify these interests is to pay attention to what is read outside of school. These topics will serve as the basis for other areas in which to develop a new skill or maybe even start a business.

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