5 Tips For Safer Online Shopping!

Doing shopping online, getting the order placed at any time you want, delivery at the doorstep and all the ease are the reasons why people are shifting more towards this trend. All these things are good, but there are many things which you need to take care while shopping. Do not get too excited when you see the offers, just use these safety tips while placing an order and getting it delivered.

  • Trusted websites

The foremost thing you need to see is the authenticity of the website from which you are going to place the order. There are many websites which are fraud and give many exciting offers to fool you. So always do your research and look for the websites which are secured. You do not want to regret after placing the order through these websites. The reputation of the site matters a lot, so do not compromise on that while going online for shopping with them.

  • Use the secured connection

If the place from which you are going to order is not protected from potentially malicious software, then your financial information and passwords are at the risk of being stolen. You need to look for the connection which is secured and then make the transaction. This will also protect all your information which is on the computer. So always use the encryption while making the transaction.

  • Make strong password

Do not underestimate the power of strong passwords. Whatever website you are using, if it is asking you to create a password, make sure that your password is strong. Take care of this tip more importantly while setting up passwords for online shopping websites as well. You can go for the following tips:

  • You can use a complex set of at least 10 lowercase and uppercase which consists of numbers, letters, and symbols.
  • The use of personal information which can be guessed by others such as birthdates, your kids’ names, or your favouritecolour should not be used.
  • If you have a strong password, then do not use that password for the multiple platforms. 
  • Compare the prices

We Indians have a tendency to buy the same object where you can get the least of the prices, and we will not mind looking for the same thing from various platforms to check the price. Indeed this is the best practice. You can actually save some chunks and make online shopping a great deal. There are many codes and coupons which you can use like bluestone discount code which will help you get the best of the prices for the same product. There are many websites on which you can buy these codes and coupons.

  • Do not use public Wi-Fi

If you shop from the public Wi-Fi, then your data is not encrypted which can be used by any hacker sitting nearby. This will become a problem for you.

So next time, when you are going to buy that pretty dress form your cart, make sure to take care of above-mentioned tips while hopping online.

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